Grand Country
Preferred Pets

Whether they bark, yap, purr or just
give you company, for many, pets are a part of life.  and on the road, most pets make great traveling companions.

We are a pet-friendly park as long as pets follow the rules which are based on consideration of others in the park...pets must be pre-approved...

keep all pets leashed when outside.  do not leave your dog unattended.  it's inconsiderate to your neighbors to leave a whining or barking pet outside alone. 

Always pick up after your pet.   keep a roll of plastic bags near the exit of your rig so it's easy to grab a few on your way out

keep in mind that even if you know that you have the greatest pet in the world and the best trained, not everyone shares your view.  never let your pet go up to another person or pet without their approval.

always be sure that your pet has food/water.   also adequate ventilation.

if you are leaving your dog unattended while you go out, be sure that it has what it needs to keep it occupied.  it is no fun camping next to an rv with a barking dog inside with no way to calm it down.